introducing the parks-taylor collection


i suddenly find myself having a lot of time on my hands. this is of course, no bad thing. time to think about new projects and gain inspiration. i wanted to go back to simplicity. clean lines and neutral colours. the Parks-Taylor collection is in fact inspired by some friends who are notorious for their strict colour palette when it comes to clothes. only black, white and grey. genius. everything goes with everything. getting dressed in the morning couldn’t be easier. delightful.

so i wanted to translate this into yarn and the finished creations. the colour palette needed to be strict – but with a bit of movement for artistic license, so i have included bursts of nude pink and a pale cornflower blue haze. i also wanted the creations to feel luxury. that is to say, good quality. so i used shiny happy cotton from wool and the gang. it’s incredibly soft and also very satisfying to work with. it’s not cheap, but i didn’t want it to be. i wanted this project to feel special. i wanted to work with the yarn and experience something precious. thinking about ways to use all of the yarn, not to waste a single scrap.

i am so happy with the results. my eureka moment paid off. and best of all, the real Parks-Taylor family wholeheartedly approve – bonus!


General niceness

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