the beginning of iddybiddyland

i started iddybiddyknits in order to create a happy miniature land for all my creations. a lover of all things kawaii and Japanese, i originally started out by drawing and inventing cute little characters. soon it wasn’t enough for them to exist in only two-dimensional form, so i learnt to knit and crochet in order to bring them to life.

i first started knitting in 2013 and caught the crochet bug in November 2014. since then, i have made many friends that co-exist happily in my merry world of pointless cuteness.

the name iddybiddy really came from the fact that all my creations are cute & small. it also came from my friends and family always comparing me to a little old lady – constantly knitting and crocheting in the corner somewhere.

i spent my early childhood living in Japan and this had a huge influence on what inspired me and my iddybiddy creations. my inspiration comes mainly from Japanese anime and Harajuku culture, having lived and gone to school in Yokohama which is just outside Tokyo.

Japanese kawaii relies on very few lines and hardly any detail to express personality, the naivety is what makes it so appealing. i believe that this is what brings something to life. just a pair of eyes  can be all you need.

my creations are born of things I love. crochet & knitting was really just a hobby that got out of control. the more I made, the more my style evolved (and the more storage i had to find).


General niceness

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